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Beyond Education comes alongside families to help students discover their strengths and purpose through relational mentorship. We use connection to build confidence then tackle the various subjects, heavy course loads, or difficult instructors that stand in between your child and his or her goal.

Homeschool Facilitation

Starting homeschool for the first time?
Or need help with a particular online class? Our Mentors can help and work around the needs and schedule of your homeschool program.

1-on-1 Tutoring

Nobody wants to stay up late crying over Calculus homework. Our Mentors are experts in their subject and can help prep for tests, come up with a study plan, and provide tips and tricks to improve scores and decrease stress.

College Advising

We offer college advising for wherever your student is in the process. This includes SAT or ACT test prep, school search, and knocking out application essays. We are ready to help your student tackle the college app!

More than just a tutor

"Lara has taught me so many studying skills, how to cope with stress, stay organized, stay calm when I'm freaking out over the little things, and most importantly led me on the right path of success."

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Contact Beyond if you are interested in our services or want to find our more now.

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